Wexcafé Franchising Opportunity

If you are willing to open your own wexcafe, contact us and we will get in touch with you.

Business opportunity by opening your own Wexcafé through a dedicated franshising agreement!

Wexcafé Franshising opportunity means:
  1. Easy implementation and running operation
  2. High income streams & fast ROI
  3. Free marketing and promotional events organazied for your wexcafe to improve your monthly turnover!

Why Wexcafé

Quality Food

Wexcafé concept will combine a menu of selected high quality foods including vegetarian and vegan options

Branded Products

Wexcafé will give you the possibility to buy from its dedicated shelves, a full range of branded products from coffee packs, tea, branded cups and garments


Wexcafé is integrated with touch screens which will allow you to easily check the menu, order and option to pay directly from the screen!


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